Our Staff:

A medical practice depends on compassionate, intelligent people to help things run smoothly. We rely on our staff to gracefully handle countless details of our healing work. As employers, we strive to create a healthy joy-filled workplace, where the ideals of healing and right livelihood flow freely. We are so fortunate to have such an exceptionally gifted team to help us take excellent care of our patients.

Sue and Howard with our staff:
Janite, Teja, Mimi, Paris, Jenn

Paris Geiken
medical assistant

Mimi Warneke
office manager

Janite Lee



teja reiki
Teja Shankara
medical assistant



jenn Jenn McCoy
herbalist, medical assistant
Jennifer McCoy Information

suzanne skyeSuzanne Sky, LAc
nutrition counseling
Suzanne Sky Information

howie sue love rev
Howard W. Morningstar,MD
family physician, herbalist

Rabbi Sue M. Morningstar, WHCNP,
nurse practitioner