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We are grateful to offer these articles and interviews as part of our healing mission. It is our honor and pleasure to promote awareness of the connection between everything we do, think and feel, and our personal and planetary well being.
It’s important to remember that all of our behaviors and beliefs, all of our connections with ourselves, beloveds, community and the entire planetary being really do matter…. especially in these challenging and very exciting times.

Howard W Morningstar, MD   Television with Dr. Krishna

The Art & Awareness Of Happy Health: Joyous Celebration, Part 2 (October 11, 2014)

Howard W, Morningstar, MD   Radio Interviews

Howard on Jefferson Exchange September 17, 2009 “Swine Flu & Flu Vaccines”

Howard on Colleen Pyke’s “Global Vision” Radio March 15, 2009

Howard on Jefferson Exchange October 31, 2008 “Why People Get Sick” (and How to Stay Well)

Howard on Jefferson Exchange November 16, 2007 “Health & Healing”

Howard on Jefferson Exchange November 1, 2006 “Staying Healthy”

Howard on Jefferson Exchange November 8, 2005 “Health & Healing”

Articles by Howard W. Morningstar, MD
& Sue M. Morningstar, WHCNP

1000 Year Checkup (January 2000)

Balancing Your Immune System for Optimal Health

Beyond An Apple A Day

Digestive Balance

Eat Your Weeds

Food That is Healing

Heart Health Part 1

Heart Health Part 2

Herbal & Natural Treatment of Infections

Herbal Treatment of Inflammation & Auto-immune Disease

Herbal Treatment of Pain

Herbs for Nerves

Kitchen Spice Medicine

Living Healthy Sane Lives in Crazy Times (November 2004)

Medicine Making

Natural Care of Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

Natural Healing for Infants & Children

Natural Longevity

Principles of a Proper Diet

Relax! (or else!)

Skin Care & Cancer Prevention

Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Natural Detoxification

Taking Charge of Your Health in the 21st Century

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Vaccines & Beyond: What’s Really at Stake

Women’s Lifecycle Part 1: Menarche

Women’s Lifecycle Part 2: Natural Pregnancy & Mothering

Women’s Lifecycle Part 3: The Crone: Menopause Empowered

Lectures by Howard Woodwind Morningstar, MD

Mother Nature’s Healing Powers

The Spirit of Herbs

Articles about Morningstar Healing Arts

Ashland Daily Tidings “Garden on the Month” (July 2007)

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